Fuji XT1 and the XF60mm macro goes to the Botanic Gardens

The weather was finally starting to feel like spring. Flowers were starting to bloom and I was tired of shooting yellow and brown. So I took the XT1 and my XF60mm macro down to the Botanic Gardens in downtown Denver. This was my first real outing with the XF60mm I decided not to bring a tripod, I also wanted to see how the focus speed was in both macro and non macro shooting. I am happy to say the focus speed was better than I expected in both macro and non macro shooting, however the light was very good. 

The XF60mm is a super sharp lens even at F2.4 as you can see in the photo above, this lens has really impressed me if the 60mm is this sharp can't image how sharp the 56mm is.

After full day of shooting with the 60mm, I found the focus speed to not be a problem and only had to use manual focus a couple times on some close up macros. Overall I was very happy with the performance of the XT1 and XF60mm combo.