My Favorite Fuji XT1 Accessories

I have been using the XT1 for a little over four months now, I have found a few accessories that make using my XT1 more enjoyable.


1. The Strap

I hate straps most of the time because they just get in the way, but they are a necessary evil. I have gone to a two strap setup which consists of a Paracord wrist strap and a Paracord sling strap. The straps I use have quick release connectors, so changing between the straps take seconds. I use the wrist strap about 95% of the time unless I am going on a hike or walking around downtown; then I will use the sling strap. The straps I use can be found Here

2. ThumbGrip

This is one of those accessories that I missed having when I moved over to the XT1 from the XPRO1. On the XPRO1 I really liked the feel and handling the Lensmate thumb grip gave the XPRO1. The grip made the camera feel more solid in the hand and gave better one-handed operation. When I saw Lensmate made one for the XT1, I was not sure how well it would work since the XT1 has more of an SLR body style vs. a rangefinder. Since adding the thumb grip to the XT1, I get the similar feel that I got with my XPRO. I really like how it the XT1 one handles with it attached. I have been asked if it gets in the way of using the exposure compensation dial and it does not. You can get the Lensmate Thumbgrip Here or on Amazon

3. Soft Release

This is something if you are coming from a DSLR you probably never used, I know I had never used one until I got the XE1 and now I would not live without it. On the XE1 and XPRO1 Fuji has used a threaded shutter button, which means you can find a cheap screw in soft release all over eBay. However, the XT1 being weather sealed, it did not get the threaded shutter button. Thanks to Lolumina, they solve that problem by giving you a little disk with threads that attach with adhesive to your shutter button. It is so nice having my soft release back. I have been using this for about three weeks both in and out of my bag and in the snow, and it is still holding strong and has not come loose. You can order the Lolumina shutter button on Amazon or at Lensmate

4. Extra Batteries 

Mirrorless cameras tend to go through the batteries; I get about 400 to 500 shoots out of my batteries. However, if I am using Wi-Fi they go a lot quicker. I have found the Wasabi batteries to be a pretty good value compared to OEM ones. I get pretty close to the same amount of shots out of the Wasabi as I do the OEM. The Wasabi's come with a charger that will also charge the OEM ones as well. I have been using them for almost a year now in both my XPRO1 and XT1 and have had no problems with them at all. You can get Wasabi batteries at Amazon