My Current Gear

Camera Bodies

Fuji XT2

My main camera body these days is the Fujifilm X-T2. Although I’ve been shooting with DSLR's  for over 10 years, I’ve transitioned over  to  mirrorless over the years. The X-T2  is my current body of choice because it offers me the high performance and excellent image quality that I demand in a lightweight, compact camera body.


Fuji XPRO2

My back-up body and the camera that really made me take a hard look at the fuji system. With the unique hybrid viewfinder and the range finder styling, it brought back a slower approach to photography for me. There is something special about the XPRO2.


Fuji X100t

My take anywhere camera so light compact but yet amazing image quality and it fits in my jacket pocket. Then never leave home without it camera.



Fuji Xf35mm F1.4

The fuji XF35mm is one of my favorite lenses of all-time. It is super sharp even at F 1.4 and has a nice creamy bokeh. For the price and quality this is really a must have lens if you have a Fuji X body.  

images (1).jpeg

Fuji XF18-55mm F2.8-F4.0

The Fuji XF18-55mm is referred to as a kit lens, and while yes, it does come in a kit with a body it is not a kit lens. It is very sharp throughout the zoom and aperture range. It has an all metal construction and has built-in image stabilization. This is one of the sharpest zooms I have ever used and seems just as sharp as the Olympus pro 12-40mm F2.8.